bibisect-win64-6.4 is available for cloning!

The LibreOffice Quality Assurance ( QA ) Team is happy to announce the bisect repository from libreoffice-6-3-branch-point to latest master for Windows is available for cloning at Gerrit. As a novelty, it’s the first time the bisect repository for Windows is built for 64 bits instead of 32 as in previous repositories. Future repositories will be built for 64 bits as well.

What is a bisect repository ?

it’s a git repository populated with hundreds of builds of LibreOffice. Added to the repository in chronological order, each build represents each commit in the LibreOffice core repository, allowing the QA Team to easily identify at which point a regression was introduced. Watch Effective Bisection and Bibisection (Matthew Francis’s talk at LibOCon 2015 on YouTube) for both an introduction, and practical details.

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