QA/Dev Report: July 2021

General Activities

  1. LibreOffice 7.1.5 was released on July, 22
  2. The Bug Hunting Session for LibreOffice 7.2 RC1 took place on July, 19
  3. Roman Kuznetsov is teaching a group of russian volunteers called ‘the hamsters QA Team” how to triage bugs in LibreOffice
  4. Alain Romedenne and Rafael Lima improved the Help content for the ScriptForge library – many Python examples were added. Rafael also improved the Advanced Filter and NUMBERVALUE help pages.
  5. Steve Fanning improved some Calc function help pages
  6. Olivier Hallot (TDF) updated the help page for Impress object transformations
  7. Bai Xiaochun replaced uses of homegrown math functions with standard library ones
  8. Vasily Melenchuk (CIB) fixed incorrect formatting being applied to Writer text fields while editing them and added delimiting to chapter fields
  9. Dante Doménech created a new version of the OpenSymbol font
  10. Jeff Huang cleaned out the unused code for collecting usage data
  11. Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora) improved the Sidebar preview of theme colour sets by adding name display, continued working on the new searching and indexing feature and made some code cleanups and refactorings
  12. Luboš Luňák (Collabora) took the first step in getting Skia graphics engine integration to work on macOS and fixed an issue with image sizes in exported HTML
  13. Armin Le Grand (allotropia) improved the kf5 UI
  14. Daniel Arato (NISZ) added a “Same content on first page” option to Calc’s Header/Footer dialog
  15. Bubli added support for applying pattern fills from the toolbar and fixed unwanted jumping in Impress when applying animations
  16. Tibor Nagy (NISZ) added support for long slide names and presentation timing attribute in PPTX import and “Start from“ setting in PPTX export
  17. Szymon Kłos (Collabora) made many improvements and additions to jsdialog used by Online
  18. Deb Barkley-Yeung made the font features button show as disabled in the Character formatting dialog, if the font does not have features
  19. Arnaud Versini made some improvements to threaded code
  20. Rizal Muttaqin added icons for diagonal border line
  21. Michael Meeks (Collabora) fixed a couple of UI-related crashes
  22. Gábor Kelemen (NISZ) improved the find-unneeded-includes script used for optimising LibreOffice code
  23. Justin Luth (SIL) fixed an issue with numbering levels in imported DOC files, adapted the code for unique naming of custom hatches and gradients to Writer code, made a big rework for handling outline numbering in imported DOCX files and fixed a text alignment issue in RTF import
  24. Jun Nogata improved Japanese font support and added a PowerPoint-compatible screen size preset for Impress
  25. Kevin Suo fixed problems with importing bold and italic font properties from PDF files
  26. Hochwasser fixed a crash in Impress remote control
  27. Gülşah Köse (Collabora) added support for handling embedded OLE objects in PPTX import
  28. Christian Lohmaier (TDF) added support for new Google Drive authentication and also fixed OneDrive authentication
  29. Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat) made many code and build-related cleanups and fixed an old data corruption issue in UNO C++ bridge
  30. Todor Balabanov did some refactoring of the NLP solver code
  31. Hossein Nourikhah (TDF) improved some C++ SDK examples, ported C++/Java DocumentLoader SDK example to Python, fixed an issue with DOC/DOCX exported lines, fixed a regression causing Tabbed UI not working in Impress and Draw and added extra checks into SmartArt import tests
  32. Michael Weghorn made many improvements to the accessibility of the qt5 UI and also fixed a Windows accessibility issue of not announcing spinbox values
  33. Björn Michaelsen made some internal improvements to Writer code
  34. Gökçe Kuler made it so bullets are not automatically added to empty lines in bulleted lists in Impress – a preview is shown instead
  35. Baltasar made it so Basic’s Round function follows half-to-even rounding and wrote a unit test for it
  36. Mert Tumer (Collabora) made spellchecking wavy lines cached to improve performance
  37. Gizem Özgün fixed truncation of long class names in UNO object inspector
  38. Vert D made it so built-in categories in the Template Manager show deleting as disabled
  39. Tor Lillqvist (Collabora) made a build fix for iOS
  40. Heiko Tietze (TDF) clarified the AutoCorrect option to replace dashes, fixed “Get more dictionaries online“ not opening Extension dialog, made border style selection dropdown adapt to dark theme, made the infobar for “missing hyphenation data“ more user-friendly and made it so indices are not spellchecked
  41. DaeHyun Sung fixed Korean line breaking rules, numbering and date acceptance patterns
  42. Andrzej Hunt made many internal improvements to Impress Remote
  43. Mike Kaganski (Collabora) added DOC import support for fixed date/time fields, fixed DOCX importing of AM/PM time values, fixed unwanted bullet in PPTX WordArt after roundtrip, fixed some crashes and memory leaks and made many code cleanups
  44. Xisco Faulí (TDF) improved the Basic macro automated test suite and added many new tests to it. He also added several UI and unit tests for other areas.
  45. Michael Stahl (allotropia) fixed a window focus issue affecting Eclipse RCP applications on Windows and made it so unused page background images are removed from imported ODF files
  46. Regina Henschel fixed DOCX import of “Outside only“ wrap option, a positioning issue of child elements in group upon DOCX export, an issue with the distance of an image to text in DOCX import and improved DOCX import/export of contour wrap
  47. Bartosz Kosiorek made several improvements to EMF+ graphics support
  48. Eike Rathke (Red Hat) made a big rework to how Base handles date formatting, fixed an issue with Calc date acceptance patterns for Japanese and Chinese locales, fixed an XLSX roundtrip issue with booleans, added handling for Microsoft’s non-standard use of x-none language tag, added functionality to export all Calc sheets to CSV from the command line and made it so whitespace characters including LF and CR are preserved in Calc formula expressions
  49. Attila Szűcs and Tibor Nagy (NISZ) fixed DOCX import of negative page margins, zeroing of huge page sizes in imported DOCX files and fixed printing page breaks after hiding rows
  50. Jan-Marek Glogowski (allotropia) improved the qt5 UI
  51. László Németh (NISZ) added support for tracking changes in images and tables in imported DOCX files and improved removing personal info of comments and changes in DOCX export
  52. Attila Bakos (NISZ) fixed corrupt shape anchoring in text in DOCX export
  53. Jean-Pierre Ledure worked on the ScriptForge library
  54. Sarper Akdemir (Collabora) worked on PPTX header/footer field support
  55. Andreas Heinisch made Navigator tooltips show without URL encoding, made it so gallery item list accessed from Bullets and Numbering dialog only shows the filename, improved the implementations of Basic text search functions, made HTML tables in the Link to External Data Source list in order of their appearance and increased the precision of single-precision variables in Basic debugger
  56. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) made some file dialogs remember their last directory and added support for hyperlinks on shapes in Writer
  57. Tünde Tóth (NISZ) fixed several XLSX autofilter issues and an XLSX export hyperlink issue
  58. Noel Grandin (Collabora) made PDF exporting of very large spreadsheets much faster, improved the performance of formatting many comments at once, started converting uses of the homegrown osl::Mutex to std::mutex (locks preventing race conditions in threaded code), made it possible to use Thread Sanitizer (TSan) against the codebase, implemented logging access violations on Windows build boxes in order to get more useful feedback of issues and made many code cleanups and optimisations
  59. Caolán McNamara continued implementing the new GTK4 backend, fixed a memory use issue when selecting a shape in the gtk3 UI and improved the user experience of inputting hex colours. He also made many cleanups and crash fixes
  60. Julien Nabet updated HarfBuzz to 2.8.2 and fixed several regression and crashes
  61. Miklos Vajna (Collabora) made XLSX export support button form controls, fixed handling of named ranges referring to PathMissing sheets in imported XLSX files, improved the bibliography database UI and improved XHTML import of object elements containing images. He also made many code cleanups
  62. Bayram Çiçek worked on the GSoC project “100 Paper Cuts”. You can follow his work here
  63. Shubham Jain worked on the GSoC project “Write missing unit tests”
  64. Sary Nasser worked on the GSoC project “Integrate .ui dialogs with translation tooling/string search webservice to help translators”
  65. Akshit Kushwaha worked on the GSoC project “Tests for the VCL graphic backends”, adding support for viewing test results in the UI and storing results in a zip file
  66. Balázs Sántha worked on the GSoC project “Implementing table styles DOCX support”, fixing missing styles after copying & pasting, disappearing page breaks and redoing row insertions
  67. Panos Korovesis worked on the GSoC project “Make SVM (StarView Metafile) format independent of the VCL Metafile + tests of the format”, creating an SvmWriter class
  68. Anshu Khare worked on the GSoC project “Styles Highlighter”, adding a StyleList control
  69. Tushar Kumar Rai worked on the GSoC project “Implement Interface for external data source import into Calc”, completing his original project goal and adding a Find and Replace Transformation

Kudos to Ilmari Lauhakangas for helping to elaborate this list.

Reported Bugs

497 bugs, 65 of which are enhancements, have been reported by 276 people.

Top 10 Reporters

  1. Telesto ( 57 )
  2. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 25 )
  3. Mike Kaganski ( 15 )
  4. Regina Henschel ( 13 )
  5. sophie ( 10 )
  6. R. Green ( 9 )
  7. Xisco Faulí ( 9 )
  8. Robert Großkopf ( 8 )
  9. Rafael Lima ( 7 )
  10. stragu ( 6 )

Triaged Bugs

804 bugs have been triaged by 88 people.

Top 10 Triagers

  1. Buovjaga ( 202 )
  2. Xisco Faulí ( 88 )
  3. Heiko Tietze ( 39 )
  4. Julien Nabet ( 38 )
  5. Roman Kuznetsov ( 37 )
  6. Timur ( 34 )
  7. Dieter ( 29 )
  8. V Stuart Foote ( 23 )
  9. Telesto ( 22 )
  10. BogdanB ( 21 )

Resolution of resolved bugs

571 bugs have been set to RESOLVED.

Check the following sections for more information about bugs resolved as FIXED, WORKSFORME and DUPLICATE.

Fixed Bugs

199 bugs have been fixed by 47 people.

Top 10 Fixers

  1. Julien Nabet ( 12 )
  2. Andreas Heinisch ( 10 )
  3. Caolán McNamara ( 9 )
  4. László Németh ( 8 )
  5. Heiko Tietze ( 7 )
  6. Eike Rathke ( 7 )
  7. Tünde Tóth ( 7 )
  8. Mike Kaganski ( 6 )
  9. Justin Luth ( 6 )
  10. Regina Henschel ( 5 )

List of critical bugs fixed

  1. tdf#140506 REGRESSION Setting to repeat heading in writer tables no longer works ( Thanks to Bjoern Michaelsen )
  2. tdf#143398 When I click to add a single sheet. It makes automatically two sheets. ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  3. tdf#143400 Query with most functions could not be created in GUI ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )

List of high severity bugs fixed

  1. tdf#139426 Update of Contents is freezing LibreOffice ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (Allotropia) )
  2. tdf#142235 FILESAVE PPTX Textbox vertical top align becomes middle in PP ( Thanks to Attila Bakos (NISZ) )
  3. tdf#142923 Deleting comment in Writer leaves visual artifact behind ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  4. tdf#143291 Selecting the None slide transition has no effect ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  5. tdf#143399 FILEOPEN DOCX Writer 7.2 doesn’t import Word endnotes ( Thanks to László Németh )
  6. tdf#143412 CRASH: converting images ( steps in comment 12 ) ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  7. tdf#59323 Impress conversion to PPTX doesn’t save (header and footer) fields – with sample or steps in Comment 7 ( Thanks to Sarper Akdemir )

List of crashes fixed

  1. tdf#119312 Remote control of impress; Crash in: sdext::presenter::PresenterSlideShowView::LateInit() ( Thanks to Hochwasser )
  2. tdf#143081 Basic Replace() function crashes LO ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  3. tdf#143125 EDITING Crash when closing Custom Slide Shows dialog ( Thanks to Tibor Nagy )
  4. tdf#143146 Crash by click on properties symbol for calc data in writer ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  5. tdf#143149 Crash in: vcl::Window::GetParentWithLOKNotifier() ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  6. tdf#143153 Editing Crash when grouping Text (Fit to Frame) and object ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  7. tdf#143320 Crash at paste/undo paste again (swlo!BigPtrArray::Index2Block+0xc8) ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  8. tdf#143342 Crash when using “Search Command” feature ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  9. tdf#143355 crash with .uno:FontWork ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  10. tdf#143412 CRASH: converting images ( steps in comment 12 ) ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  11. tdf#143514 Crash when closing document after clearContents in dbgutil build ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )

List of old bugs ( more than 4 years old ) fixed

  1. tdf#100961 FILEOPEN DOC: fixed date/time field lost (converted to plain text – see comment 22) ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  2. tdf#102523 help button for Advanced Filter too general ( Thanks to Rafael Lima )
  3. tdf#104239 FILEOPEN: DOC: Incorrect numbering in second level ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  4. tdf#107953 Not enough precision when showing single-precision variable in BASIC debugger watch ( Thanks to Andreas Heinisch )
  5. tdf#40068 LibreOffice doesn’t remember the search path when saving Basic code and dialogues to a file. ( Thanks to Samuel Mehrbrodt )
  6. tdf#46184 [Calc] [AutoFilter] Option “Copy results to …” remains activated in AutoFilter ( Thanks to Tünde Tóth )
  7. tdf#57585 [EDITING FEATURE-REQUEST] Don’t show the bullet of empty lines in Impress ( Thanks to Gokce Kuler )
  8. tdf#58114 LibreOffice Impress, when saving a picture using “Save as Picture…” the former folder is not remembered ( Thanks to Samuel Mehrbrodt )
  9. tdf#58521 Endnotes always start on a new page, no option to have it directly at the end (unless using sections) ( Thanks to Gabor Kelemen )
  10. tdf#59323 Impress conversion to PPTX doesn’t save (header and footer) fields – with sample or steps in Comment 7 ( Thanks to Sarper Akdemir )
  11. tdf#76310 ODF incompliance: Cannot use newline in formula ( Thanks to Eike Rathke )
  12. tdf#81484 Draw pdf import: bold font shown as “outline”, if Chinese (CJK?) font is applied ( Thanks to Kevin Suo )
  13. tdf#82111 FILEOPEN: RTF – Incorrect alignment of ‘2014’ on the left rather than center ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  14. tdf#92796 [ODF] Writer does not remove unused page background image/bitmap ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  15. tdf#95394 UI Fill dialog inconsistency in wording (bitmap image) when filling with an image ( Thanks to Ilmari Lauhakangas )


96 bugs have been retested by 29 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Buovjaga ( 21 )
  2. Telesto ( 7 )
  3. Xisco Faulí ( 7 )
  4. Robert Großkopf ( 6 )
  5. stragu ( 6 )
  6. Roman Kuznetsov ( 6 )
  7. Aron Budea ( 6 )
  8. Timur ( 5 )
  9. Julien Nabet ( 4 )
  10. BogdanB ( 4 )


153 bugs have been duplicated by 35 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 28 )
  2. Buovjaga ( 23 )
  3. Telesto ( 13 )
  4. Timur ( 13 )
  5. V Stuart Foote ( 10 )
  6. Heiko Tietze ( 7 )
  7. Dieter ( 5 )
  8. Aron Budea ( 5 )
  9. Attila Bakos (NISZ) ( 4 )
  10. Julien Nabet ( 4 )

Verified bug fixes

90 bugs have been verified by 12 people.

Top 10 Verifiers

  1. BogdanB ( 38 )
  2. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 25 )
  3. Julien Nabet ( 6 )
  4. Timur ( 5 )
  5. Dieter ( 5 )
  6. stragu ( 2 )
  7. Xisco Faulí ( 2 )
  8. Telesto ( 2 )
  9. Michael Weghorn ( 2 )
  10. Justin L ( 1 )

Categorized Bugs

353 bugs have been categorized with a metabug by 33 people.

Top 10 Categorizers

  1. Buovjaga ( 53 )
  2. Aron Budea ( 50 )
  3. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 44 )
  4. BogdanB ( 39 )
  5. Dieter ( 29 )
  6. Roman Kuznetsov ( 25 )
  7. stragu ( 22 )
  8. Heiko Tietze ( 13 )
  9. V Stuart Foote ( 9 )
  10. Ming Hua ( 8 )

Regression Bugs

83 bugs have been set as regressions by 16 people.

Top 10

  1. Telesto ( 26 )
  2. Xisco Faulí ( 13 )
  3. Buovjaga ( 10 )
  4. Robert Großkopf ( 7 )
  5. Aron Budea ( 5 )
  6. Timur ( 5 )
  7. Michael Weghorn ( 4 )
  8. raal ( 3 )
  9. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 2 )
  10. Roman Kuznetsov ( 2 )

Bisected Bugs

57 bugs have been bisected by 13 people.

Top 10 Bisecters

  1. Xisco Faulí ( 16 )
  2. Aron Budea ( 9 )
  3. Timur ( 9 )
  4. raal ( 7 )
  5. Michael Weghorn ( 4 )
  6. Telesto ( 3 )
  7. Buovjaga ( 2 )
  8. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 2 )
  9. Terrence Enger ( 1 )
  10. Kevin Suo ( 1 )

Evolution of Unconfirmed Bugs

Check the current list of unconfirmed bugs here

Evolution of Open Regressions

Check the current list of open regressions here

Evolution of Open bibisectRequests

Check the current list of open bibisectrequests here

Evolution of Highest Priority Bugs

Check the current list of highest priority bugs here

Evolution of High Priority Bugs

Check the current list of high priority bugs here

Thank you all for making Libreoffice rock!
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