QA/Dev Report: July 2023

General Activities

  1. LibreOffice 7.5.5 was released on July 20
  2. Olivier Hallot (TDF) continued adding Tabbed UI examples into help instructions, added an example on how to get user data from registry with BASIC, added help pages for document themes and Calc drawing styles and fixed a JavaScript issue related to displaying different embedded help content depending on the operating system
  3. Stanislav Horáček improved the help for Sort command in Writer
  4. Juan C. Sanz added a new help section for direct connections to PostgreSQL databases
  5. Nay Catina Dia-Schneebeli added a help page for the new Style Spotlight feature
  6. Stéphane Guillou (TDF) improved help pages for hyphenation, Outline Folding and labels
  7. Rafael Lima fixed issues with F1 help shortcut not working in some contexts and fixed incorrect menu positions with KDE Frameworks 5 UI. He also updated help for ScriptForge, improved help on setting PYTHONPATH and did a lot of fixes in help bookmarks that connect something in the UI to a relevant help target
  8. Seth Chaiklin added help for the new “Place backup in same folder as document” option and added a tip of the day entry about Search Commands
  9. Laurent Balland added optional detection of numbers in scientific notation to HTML paste
  10. Alain Romedenne updated help for ScriptForge
  11. Miklós Vajna (Collabora) worked on multi-page floating tables in Writer and added initial help for it
  12. Jean-Pierre Ledure worked on the ScriptForge library
  13. Szymon Kłos, Áron Budea, Marco Cecchetti and Pranam Lashkari (Collabora) worked on LOKit and/or jsdialog used by Collabora Online. Szymon also made it so when inserting internal links in Impress the dialog will not mix master slides with regular ones and Áron fixed a Skia gradient transparency regression
  14. Eike Rathke (Red Hat) made it so ROW() and COLUMN() in array mode return a scalar value instead of a single element matrix and added code to deal with bad XLSX files generated by QuickBooks
  15. Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora) continued polishing support for document themes
  16. Julien Nabet made many code cleanups and simplifications
  17. Andreas Heinisch made it so hiding a slide in Impress can be undone, made indexes of tables support Ctrl-clicking items for navigation and made it so inserting a hyperlink pre-fills the URL field, if the clipboard contains a URL. He also improved the help for CDbl and Csng BASIC functions
  18. László Németh improved Writer change tracking related to tables
  19. Xisco Faulí (TDF) did many SVG handling and rendering improvements, fixed many crashes and made some changes and additions to automated tests
  20. Michael Stahl (allotropia) made lots of improvements to the Universal Accessibility PDF export support, added support for decorative flags for objects, fixed an issue with frame styles not exporting properly in some cases and made it so setting comments to be in margin doesn’t cause link annotations to be lost in PDF export
  21. Mike Kaganski (Collabora) made it so paragraph autostyle is used to mimic Word’s table style in DOCX files, fixed the Writer scrollbar tooltip feature which had broken in multiple ways, prevented unwanted tabs from appearing sometimes in table of contents upon DOCX export, implemented “Legal” numbering style that forces all levels to use Arabic numerals to improve interoperability with Word, untangled configuration nodes related to AutoRecovery, made it so AutoRecovery interval is applied separately per document, fixed handling of WM_UNICHAR message on Windows and fixed handling of PDF page scaling factor after large pages. He also fixed many regressions and did many code cleanups and optimisations
  22. Caolán McNamara (Collabora) fixed an issue that caused Ctrl+Left to not always jump to the correct cell. He also fixed crashes and issues found by code analysers
  23. Stephan Bergmann (Red Hat) did many code, test and build-related cleanups, one focus area being preparation for more efficient handling of strings allowed by a newer build baseline
  24. Noel Grandin (Collabora) changed LibreOffice’s internal formats and data structures to work directly with alpha instead of transparency in images and graphics, so the code is in line with the representation found in image formats and APIs everywhere. He also did many code cleanups and optimisations
  25. Justin Luth (Collabora) brought back and fixed functionality to automatically save documents, which was disabled years ago due to an improper implementation. Alongside this rework, he made quality of life improvements to saving of AutoRecovery information as well. He also improved the NotebookBar UIs
  26. Heiko Tietze (TDF) made it so automatic text colour in Calc uses a better threshold for what is considered a dark background colour, made use of ScrollLock key for navigation configurable in Calc, made Writer’s Word Count dialog display the number of comments and made corrections to what is included in the display of Formatting Aids
  27. Tibor Nagy (NISZ) fixed several issues involving conditional formatting and merged cells
  28. Paris Oplopoios worked on the GSoC project for implementing APNG (Animated PNG) support. He also fixed an issue that caused inline page breaks to not be imported correctly from DOC files
  29. Baole Fang worked on the GSoC project for selecting tests to run on Gerrit patches based on machine learning. He also raised the limit of collected entries for Word Completion in Writer
  30. Dipam Turkar worked on the GSoC project for converting Writer’s Java UNO API tests to C++
  31. Ahmed Gamal Eltokhy worked on the GSoC project for improving PGP/GPG encryption support
  32. Bayram Çiçek worked on the GSoC project for adding a search field into Options
  33. Michael Weghorn (TDF) got a flying start as TDF’s new accessibility-focused developer, among other things fixing accessibility of Expert Configuration dialog and making it so the operating system setting to reduce or disable animations is obeyed with Windows, gtk3 and KDE Frameworks following Patrick Luby’s initial implementation on macOS
  34. Balázs Varga (allotropia) worked on the accessibility Sidebar panel, made it so disabled when they have no enabled submenus and fixed an issue causing Basic dialog contents to be invisible in preview mode with scrollbars enabled
  35. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) fixed an issue causing Writer comments in margin to not be exported to PDF when there was no comment on the first page
  36. Czeber László Ádám (NISZ) fixed Calc comments getting duplicated after row deletion and undo, removed a Print Preview limitation with bordered rows in Calc and made handling of whitespace in XLSX-imported formulas more robust
  37. Khaled Hosny (TDF) dropped PostScript printing support on Linux, fixed handling of automatic colour in case of overlines in PDF export, made DPI handling more robust in PDF export, fixed issues with thin spaces in Mongolian text, fixed rendering of RTL text in Impress letter-by-letter animations, made handling of superscript/subscript more robust in the context of mixed Western and CTL scripts, fixed a HarfBuzz issue involving graphite tables and glyph advances in fonts, improved the subpixel positioning of font glyphs, made it possible to insert the cursor in the middle of ligatures when editing text, made casemapping (UPPERCASE/lowercase etc.) more robust by using ICU more often, aligned special character names with Unicode names and fixed setting watermark font for CJK/CTL text. He also did many code cleanups
  38. Patrick Luby (NeoOffice) made LibreOffice respect macOS’s “Reduce animation” system setting to help users with visual hypersensitivity, added “Encrypt with GPG key” checkbox into macOS native save dialog, fixed rendering of semi-transparent SVG images in ODP files when using Skia for graphics rendering and fixed installation of language packs failing on macOS with Spotlight off
  39. Jaume Pujantell (Collabora) made selecting merged cells with keyboard shortcuts in Calc more robust
  40. Maxim Monastirsky fixed an issue causing incorrect rendering of transparent background colours in Impress/Draw in some cases and fixed setting font color from the toolbar dropdown in Report Builder
  41. Jim Raykowski improved Navigator’s drag and drop hyperlink creation functionality
  42. Christian Lohmaier (TDF) worked on raising the Linux build baseline to AlmaLinux 8
  43. Hossein Nourikhah (TDF) added a UI test for Calc truncated formula display
  44. Ashod Nakashian (Collabora) made it so the option for setting a password is disabled when saving plain text documents
  45. Arnaud Versini did many code cleanups
  46. Vladislav Tarakanov improved the rounding behaviour of scientific numbers in Calc
  47. Satya Kompella (OpenText) fixed an issue causing wanted paragraph spacing in the headers in DOC files
  48. Luigi Iucci (Collabora) made it so applying a style also applies its list level
  49. Taichi Haradaguchi updated many dependencies
  50. Colomban Wendling (Hypra) introduced AT-SPI2 tests for the GTK3 accessibility layer
  51. Regina Henschel fixed an issue with setting theme colours to text in shapes
  52. David Gilbert did many code cleanups
  53. Pierre Vacher added generic support for embedded databases of unknown type into the database wizard
  54. Sakura286 improved the riscv64 UNO bridge, fixing a test failure
  55. Wu Jiahuan improved the loongarch64 UNO bridge, fixing a test failure
  56. René Engelhard (Debian) made it so SSE is not used in Skia on 32-bit Linux distributions to allow building for them
  57. Matt K made it so pasting a table in Writer no longer inherits list formatting, disallowed non-numberic values in Navigator’s Go To control, made Calc’s Autosum a split button and made Fontwork dialog’s SameLetterHeights button more robust
  58. Svante Schubert fixed an issue with incorrect background colours in XHTML export
  59. Rico Tzschichholz (Ubuntu) made some code and build related cleanups
  60. Björn Michaelsen refactored Writer code a bit
  61. Gülşah Köse (Collabora) made it impossible to accidentally open multiple Theme Color Edit dialogs
  62. Sarper Akdemir (allotropia) fixed tooltip displaying over two monitors on Windows, tweaked the hit area for selecting textboxes in Impress and added a new expert configuration option DragThresholdPixels for Impress and Draw to define the number of pixels the cursor can move before dragging (with a higher default value than before), which will help avoid accidental dragging of text boxes
  63. Vasily Melenchuk (CIB) improved the importing of IF field from RTF and DOCX files
  64. Kohei Yoshida made the reference resolver available for orcus
  65. Rizal Muttaqin added icons for Page Number Wizard and synchronised the icons used for Insert Shape menu and Sidebar Shape deck

Kudos to Ilmari Lauhakangas for helping to elaborate this list.

Reported Bugs

439 bugs, 65 of which are enhancements, have been reported by 254 people.

Top 10 Reporters

  1. Regina Henschel ( 16 )
  2. Eyal Rozenberg ( 13 )
  3. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 12 )
  4. Mike Kaganski ( 12 )
  5. Rafael Lima ( 12 )
  6. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 12 )
  7. Telesto ( 10 )
  8. ksso ( 10 )
  9. Xisco Faulí ( 9 )
  10. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) ( 7 )

Triaged Bugs

461 bugs have been triaged by 73 people.

Top 10 Triagers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 126 )
  2. m.a.riosv ( 37 )
  3. Heiko Tietze ( 28 )
  4. Buovjaga ( 25 )
  5. Dieter ( 20 )
  6. Michael Weghorn ( 13 )
  7. ⁨خالد حسني⁩ ( 13 )
  8. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 12 )
  9. raal ( 11 )
  10. Roman Kuznetsov ( 10 )

Resolution of resolved bugs

551 bugs have been set to RESOLVED.

Check the following sections for more information about bugs resolved as FIXED, WORKSFORME and DUPLICATE.

Fixed Bugs

208 bugs have been fixed by 43 people.

Top 10 Fixers

  1. Khaled Hosny ( 19 )
  2. Michael Stahl ( 18 )
  3. Balazs Varga ( 14 )
  4. Mike Kaganski ( 12 )
  5. Rafael Lima ( 10 )
  6. Justin Luth ( 10 )
  7. Xisco Fauli ( 10 )
  8. László Németh ( 6 )
  9. Heiko Tietze ( 5 )
  10. Andreas Heinisch ( 5 )

List of critical bugs fixed

  1. tdf#156286 Crash on right-click delete of selected cells in Calc ( Thanks to László Németh )

List of high severity bugs fixed

  1. tdf#125504 Notebookbar Tabbed / Compact Tabbed UI ParaStyle-controls/FontName-controls stop applying after a print preview ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  2. tdf#144053 Installation of Language Pack fails on macOS with Spotlight off ( Thanks to Patrick Luby )
  3. tdf#154035 It is not possible to set tabs in Writer by clicking on the top ruler ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  4. tdf#155125 “Encrypt with GPG key” option missing when using System File Dialog on macOS ( Thanks to Patrick Luby )
  5. tdf#156165 Writer resets previous paragraph’s style to body text if AutoCorrect is on ( Thanks to Baole Fang )
  6. tdf#52577 Right-hand part of vowel signs disappear when reordering numeric diacritics in Graphite font ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  7. tdf#58434 Show formatting marks when displaying non-printing characters +F10, rather than field shading +F8 (for formatting marks as in comment 18) ( Thanks to Heiko Tietze )
  8. tdf#74934 ‘Install’ button in update dialog is never activated ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )

List of crashes fixed

  1. tdf#126006 Calc with Tabbed UI used to crash after File>>Reload; many toolbar items aren’t working including save ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  2. tdf#149498 CRASH: undoing paste ( Thanks to László Németh )
  3. tdf#153319 Crash in: SwFrame::GetPhyPageNum() const or SwFrame::ImplFindPageFrame() shortly after opening ODT ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  4. tdf#155705 A11Y crash fetching attribute run in second half of a paragraph split over two pages ( Thanks to Colomban Wendling )
  5. tdf#156267 CRASH: after copy paste and undo ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  6. tdf#156286 Crash on right-click delete of selected cells in Calc ( Thanks to László Németh )
  7. tdf#156463 crash on exit after editing a chart (gtk3) ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )

List of old bugs ( more than 4 years old ) fixed

  1. tdf#104382 Menus should be disabled when they have no enabled submenus ( Thanks to Balazs Varga )
  2. tdf#105362 FILEEXPORT: Slides nearly black and unreadable when exported to PNG with transparency enabled ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (allotropia) )
  3. tdf#107447 Terms of 2 Formatting Marks are different to the Unicode Terms ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  4. tdf#107612 NNBSP rendered incorrectly in Mongolian when font fallback is used ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  5. tdf#112594 Mongolian letters failed to join with NNBSP when it is preceded by different script group ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  6. tdf#112876 Make use of scroll lock for navigation configurable (it conflicts with system use as keyboard layout indicator) ( Thanks to Heiko Tietze )
  7. tdf#113290 RTL: Animations that work letter-by-letter dont show diacritics during animation ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  8. tdf#113478 Rename ‘Decimal separator key’ to ‘Numpad decimal key’ ( Thanks to Adoche Onaji )
  9. tdf#117307 EDITING Comments in headers are duplicated after Row delete and Undo ( Thanks to Czeber László Ádám )
  10. tdf#118591 [NEWHELP] Editing: F1 key press goes to missing page when chart object is in edit mode on Impress page ( Thanks to Rafael Lima )
  11. tdf#120262 Fileopen DOC: floating tables piled on top of each other – probably due to in-line tables not wrapping around flies ( Thanks to Miklos Vajna )
  12. tdf#122735 Entering a group does not make the other objects paler / dimmed anymore ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (allotropia) )
  13. tdf#123026 LibreOffice ignore xlsxwriter ‘text_wrap’ formatting option, seems optimal height for row is not being set to hold cells with wrapped text ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  14. tdf#125504 Notebookbar Tabbed / Compact Tabbed UI ParaStyle-controls/FontName-controls stop applying after a print preview ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  15. tdf#126006 Calc with Tabbed UI used to crash after File>>Reload; many toolbar items aren’t working including save ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  16. tdf#126382 Impress/Draw: character Highlight color “No fill” cannot override style highlight on file-open ( Thanks to Maxim Monastirsky )
  17. tdf#48707 FILESAVE overline automatic color incorrect in pdf ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  18. tdf#50725 UI: Click on frame border makes it move (without drag) ( Thanks to Sarper Akdemir )
  19. tdf#52577 Right-hand part of vowel signs disappear when reordering numeric diacritics in Graphite font ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  20. tdf#58434 Show formatting marks when displaying non-printing characters +F10, rather than field shading +F8 (for formatting marks as in comment 18) ( Thanks to Heiko Tietze )
  21. tdf#65509 FILESAVE “Automatically save” (Found in Options > LO > Advanced > Expert Configuration ) not running (summary comment 33) ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  22. tdf#68565 Other: Request for capability to save .BAK files in same location as original document ( Thanks to Seth Chaiklin )
  23. tdf#74934 ‘Install’ button in update dialog is never activated ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  24. tdf#90023 UI: Navigator item tooltip displays over two monitors ( Thanks to Sarper Akdemir )
  25. tdf#92311 raise the limit of collected entries for Word Completion ( Thanks to Baole Fang )
  26. tdf#92620 Password protected Macro length limited ( Thanks to Andreas Heinisch )
  27. tdf#93315 Calc: Print Preview empty with a 100 bordered rows. Works, if row 85 is without borders ( Thanks to Czeber László Ádám )
  28. tdf#95329 Could the status bar report the number of comments, please? ( Thanks to Heiko Tietze )
  29. tdf#96343 LO Writer cannot switch the lettercase for Cyrillic Extended-B block ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  30. tdf#97152 To lowercase/uppercase not working with some Greek Unicode characters ( Thanks to Khaled Hosny )
  31. tdf#99562 Error rasterization of SVG gradients ( Thanks to Xisco Fauli )
  32. tdf#99609 Expert Configuration dialog does not correctly expose column names or row attributes (Windows, NVDA) ( Thanks to Michael Weghorn )
  33. tdf#99808 Conditional FORMATTING of connected cells: Background fills only first cell ( Thanks to Tibor Nagy )


70 bugs have been retested by 30 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 13 )
  2. BogdanB ( 6 )
  3. Michael Weghorn ( 6 )
  4. Buovjaga ( 5 )
  5. Dieter ( 5 )
  6. m.a.riosv ( 4 )
  7. Justin L ( 4 )
  8. ⁨خالد حسني⁩ ( 2 )
  9. Aron Budea ( 2 )
  10. ady ( 2 )


137 bugs have been duplicated by 26 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 64 )
  2. Maxim Monastirsky ( 13 )
  3. Justin L ( 8 )
  4. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 7 )
  5. ⁨خالد حسني⁩ ( 5 )
  6. V Stuart Foote ( 5 )
  7. Buovjaga ( 4 )
  8. Xisco Faulí ( 3 )
  9. Mike Kaganski ( 3 )
  10. Dieter ( 3 )

Verified bug fixes

54 bugs have been verified by 18 people.

Top 10 Verifiers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 31 )
  2. NISZ LibreOffice Team ( 5 )
  3. Dieter ( 2 )
  4. Patrick Luby ( 2 )
  5. BogdanB ( 2 )
  6. Michael Weghorn ( 2 )
  7. Roman Kuznetsov ( 1 )
  8. Justin L ( 1 )
  9. Eyal Rozenberg ( 1 )
  10. Julien Nabet ( 1 )

Categorized Bugs

528 bugs have been categorized with a metabug by 30 people.

Top 10 Categorizers

  1. BogdanB ( 198 )
  2. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 124 )
  3. Roman Kuznetsov ( 28 )
  4. Heiko Tietze ( 16 )
  5. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 16 )
  6. Rizal Muttaqin ( 13 )
  7. ⁨خالد حسني⁩ ( 12 )
  8. Dieter ( 12 )
  9. Eyal Rozenberg ( 12 )
  10. ( 11 )

Regression Bugs

45 bugs have been set as regressions by 18 people.

Top 10

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 17 )
  2. Telesto ( 3 )
  3. ⁨خالد حسني⁩ ( 3 )
  4. Xisco Faulí ( 3 )
  5. Buovjaga ( 2 )
  6. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 2 )
  7. raal ( 2 )
  8. Mike Kaganski ( 2 )
  9. Regina Henschel ( 2 )
  10. Sophie Sipasseuth ( 1 )

Bisected Bugs

35 bugs have been bisected by 13 people.

Top 10 Bisecters

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 11 )
  2. raal ( 5 )
  3. Adam664 ( 4 )
  4. Xisco Faulí ( 4 )
  5. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 2 )
  6. Michael Weghorn ( 2 )
  7. bunkem ( 1 )
  8. Aron Budea ( 1 )
  9. Mike Kaganski ( 1 )
  10. Buovjaga ( 1 )

Evolution of Unconfirmed Bugs

Check the current list of unconfirmed bugs here

Evolution of Open Regressions

Check the current list of open regressions here

Evolution of Open bibisectRequests

Check the current list of open bibisectrequests here

Evolution of Highest Priority Bugs

Check the current list of highest priority bugs here

Evolution of High Priority Bugs

Check the current list of high priority bugs here

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