QA/Dev Report: May 2024

General Activities

  1. LibreOffice 24.2.3 was released on May 2
  2. LibreOffice 7.6.7 was released on May 10
  3. Olivier Hallot (TDF) added help pages for SEQUENCE and UNIQUE Calc functions and finalised help for RANDARRAY, XLOOKUP, XMATCH, FILTER, RANDARRAY, SORT and SORTBY functions. He also improved the help for Calc’s Advanced Filter, added extended tips to Sparklines dialog and improved the descriptions seen in the UI for Calc’s RANDARRAY and UNIQUE functions
  4. Adolfo Jayme Barrientos improved the readability and grammar of Help pages
  5. Stéphane Guillou (TDF) added help content for the new ability to start a presentation from the command line at an arbitrary slide number
  6. Alain Romedenne added unit tests for
  7. Dione Maddern added help content for new bar-of-pie and pie-of-pie chart types, updated help for File Properties, Slide Show Settings, Calc View Options, Summary and Expand Slides, Edit Points Bar, Calc change tracking, Shapes menu, Bullets and Numbering Image tab alongside various fixes and cleanups
  8. Stanislav Horacek did corrections to Calc help content
  9. Bogdan Buzea improved help about object positioning in Writer
  10. Gábor Kelemen (allotropia) did code cleanups in the area of measurement units and snap lines, code simplification and includes
  11. Laurent Balland did cleanups in Impress templates and added handling of xlink:type attributes for embedded charts, so they don’t produce a warning in the console
  12. Miklós Vajna (Collabora) created a better implementation of continuous endnotes for Microsoft Word compatibility, implemented support for DOCX/DOC mirrored object positioning and adapted DOCX paragraph handling for files created with Word 2013 or newer, so the top margin of paragraphs on other pages than the first are collapsed
  13. Áron Budea (Collabora) made it faster to open PPTX files with custom shapes
  14. Gökay Şatır, Pranam Lashkari, Szymon Kłos, Méven Car, Hubert Figuière, Jaume Pujantell, Henry Castro and Michael Meeks (Collabora) worked on LOKit used by Collabora Online
  15. Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora) refactored the code for Impress annotations and cleaned up the accessibility checker code
  16. Julien Nabet continued polishing gssapi authentication support for the MariaDB/MySQL connector and fixed a crash when exporting spreadsheet as PDF with “whole sheet export” option
  17. Xisco Faulí (TDF) added support for SVG 2 attribute values context-stroke and context-fill, optimised the code for getting selected points and objects, added a couple of unit tests, upgraded many dependencies and started applying the newly-added SAL_RET_MAYBENULL for enforcing null checking
  18. Michael Stahl (allotropia) implemented support for recognising localized paragraph style names in DOCX files, fixed the visibility of shapes in header/footer in DOCX files and fixed an issue with AutoText insertion or pasting overriding Writer paragraph style indentation
  19. Mike Kaganski (Collabora) continued polishing HTML map export for text hyperlinks in frames, made LibreOffice’s own OLE objects obey AddReplacementImages setting, made it so the newly-added Windows version detection also handles architectures other than x86_64 and fixed a Writer undo issue affecting list levels
  20. Caolán McNamara (Collabora) introduced SAL_RET_MAYBENULL which for debug builds and MSVC uses _Ret_maybenull_ and -analyze to enforce null checking. He also fixed many issues found by static analysers and fuzzers
  21. Stephan Bergmann (allotropia) worked on WASM build, creating a UNO bridge for it, worked on MAR autoupdater and did many code cleanups and adapted the code to compiler changes
  22. Noel Grandin (Collabora) optimised the speed of Calc column height calculation and getting the text script type and made loading large XLS files faster. He also did many code cleanups mainly in the area of strings
  23. Justin Luth (Collabora) added a button to Notebookbar UIs to toggle dark mode, fixed an issue with comment replies in DOCX appearing in the wrong order, made it possible to start presentations at a specific slide using command line parameters, fixed percents misbehaving when used as list level prefixes/suffixes in Writer, made image fills work in imported DOCX files, fixed an issue with paragraphs in textboxes losing their left and right paragraph indents in imported DOC files and made it so separators for lists with None numbering level are not exported to DOCX
  24. Michael Weghorn (TDF) worked on the accessibility features of Windows, GTK3 and Qt UIs in areas such as comboboxes, made it so the Number of copies field in the Print dialog only responds to mousewheel when the mouse is over it, fixed a Qt6 freeze, made Qt6 support video playback in Impress presentations on Wayland and did cleanups in the Android code
  25. Balázs Varga (allotropia) added Excel2021 array functions RANDARRAY and UNIQUE to Calc, polished the XLOOKUP and XMATCH implementations, made it possible to format characters in text boxes and shapes inside charts, added an option to make data validity case-sensitive in Calc and made the Open Remote button in the Start Center respect disabling via a config file
  26. Patrick Luby did many macOS stability improvements
  27. Jim Raykowski made Navigator Headings display flat when alphabetically sorted and improved context menus related to Navigator
  28. Sarper Akdemir (allotropia) continued polishing the new pane display of Presenter Notes in Impress
  29. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) made it so dialog tabs that would have spanned multiple horizontal lines are displayed vertically and made bullets used in the current document be displayed in the bullets dropdown
  30. Armin Le Grand (allotropia) continued the rework of handling attributes and properties
  31. Oliver Specht (CIB) made case cycling more robust, continued improving the dialog for managing user fields, fixed an issue with calculation in Writer tables with merged cells, improved OOXML compatibility with wrapped through shapes and images and made it so Data Validation in the context menu is disabled in protected Calc sheets
  32. Arnaud Versini did some code cleanups
  33. Heiko Tietze (TDF) improved some dialogs, made the focus rectangle more prominent for toolbar widgets, made Calc comment authorship optional, increased the mouse hit area for Calc column/row resizing actions and made the visibility of formatting marks more intuitive
  34. Vasily Melenchuk (CIB) expanded the use of Windows attention-grabbing FlashWindow API to dialogs opening, documents loading and LibreOffice starting
  35. László Németh continued polishing new hyphenation options, fixed ordinal indicators for Portuguese and Catalan when using AutoCorrect and made resizing images work in fixed-height Writer table cells in all cases
  36. Ilmari Lauhakangas (TDF) synchronised the Developer Guide hosted in TDF wiki with ODK examples and updated the PyUNO code for setting Python home directory to use PyConfig with newer Python versions
  37. Christian Lohmaier (TDF) made the makefiles easier to read by getting rid of overly complicated leftover conventions from a time when there was a need to deal with split repositories and two different build systems. He also worked on build support under Windows Subsystem for Linux
  38. Thorsten Behrens (allotropia) helped Samuel with the vertical dialog tabs work and fixed build issues
  39. Eike Rathke (Red Hat) fixed a rounding issue when saving to XLSX, fixed an issue with array separators changing when using the fill handle, made Excel intersect operator (space) be correctly detected in XLSX import and made Japanese calendar format import from XLSX more robust
  40. Jonathan Clark (TDF) finalised making BreakIterator (for breaking words or lines) use ICU, made Writer text layout across formatting changes more robust, avoiding incorrect kerning, fixed Writer text shaping across formatting changes and improved CJK fallback font rendering performance
  41. Jakub Kościelak made 64-bit Windows be correctly detected and made the MSI installer code more conformant
  42. Regina Henschel fixed an issue with object positioning after row sort in Calc AutoFilter and made text fit to contour in rotated polygons or bézier curves
  43. Shail Gautum made both Calc’s rolumn/row highlighting and edit mode highlighting more robust and fixed a build issue
  44. Pierre Vacher made zoned time type handling correct in Base table design and made it possible to manage relationships outside the default catalog/schema in Base
  45. Tibor Nagy (allotropia) made it possible to change default bullet symbols via the UI and made Writer hyperlink names show as tooltips
  46. Bayram Çiçek (Collabora) improved the speed of opening Tools – Options by deferring the indexing of dialog strings for the search feature and made it so AutoFill in Calc can now be called via .uno commands without needing to use the mouse
  47. Kurt Nordback continued polishing the of-pie chart type
  48. Rafał Dobrakowski made zoom in/out smoother in Calc preview
  49. Adam Seskunas made it so Writer tables get copied as a matrix to plain text editors
  50. Venetia Furtado added support for measuring the start up time between each splash screen update
  51. Rafael Lima reworked the new cell outline to work nice with different zoom levels and made it so AutoFill handle updates the cursor right after merging cells
  52. Leonard Sasse did cleanups in Python code
  53. Rizal Muttaqin added new icons for of-pie chart types

Kudos to Ilmari Lauhakangas for helping to elaborate this list.

Reported Bugs

438 bugs, 55 of which are enhancements, have been reported by 272 people.

Top 10 Reporters

  1. Eyal Rozenberg ( 19 )
  2. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 18 )
  3. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 15 )
  4. Mike Kaganski ( 11 )
  5. johnks ( 9 )
  6. Mihai Vasiliu ( 9 )
  7. Regina Henschel ( 8 )
  8. Heiko Tietze ( 7 )
  9. Hossein ( 7 )
  10. Xisco Faulí ( 7 )

Triaged Bugs

484 bugs have been triaged by 62 people.

Top 10 Triagers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 177 )
  2. Heiko Tietze ( 52 )
  3. m_a_riosv ( 47 )
  4. Dieter ( 21 )
  5. Buovjaga ( 17 )
  6. V Stuart Foote ( 17 )
  7. Julien Nabet ( 16 )
  8. Mike Kaganski ( 16 )
  9. ady ( 12 )
  10. Robert Großkopf ( 11 )

Resolution of resolved bugs

472 bugs have been set to RESOLVED.

Check the following sections for more information about bugs resolved as FIXED, WORKSFORME and DUPLICATE.

Fixed Bugs

178 bugs have been fixed by 39 people.

Top 10 Fixers

  1. Mike Kaganski ( 15 )
  2. Dione Maddern ( 11 )
  3. Heiko Tietze ( 9 )
  4. Justin Luth ( 8 )
  5. Caolán McNamara ( 8 )
  6. Balazs Varga ( 6 )
  7. Miklos Vajna ( 6 )
  8. Jonathan Clark ( 4 )
  9. Patrick Luby ( 4 )
  10. Michael Stahl ( 4 )

List of critical bugs fixed

List of high severity bugs fixed

  1. tdf#126573 Add array functions in Calc: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY ( Thanks to Balazs Varga )
  2. tdf#144576 Copy a table from Writer to plain text editor or as unformatted text pastes a list instead of matrix (like Calc does) ( Thanks to Adam Seskunas )
  3. tdf#159027 Writer table formulas calculated incorrectly in merged cells when table splits over pages ( Thanks to Oliver Specht )
  4. tdf#160937 Document Properties pages in all modules do not fit screen and cannot be resized (gtk3/gtk4) ( Thanks to Heiko Tietze )
  5. tdf#161020 Vertical Tab dialogs–initial size of the style dialog is too small ( Thanks to Thorsten Behrens )
  6. tdf#161047 Vertical Tab dialogs–Page style dialog is too small and not resizeable ( Thanks to Thorsten Behrens )
  7. tdf#161049 Vertical Tab dialogs–Format Cells dialog in recent 24.8 alpha is too small ( Thanks to Thorsten Behrens )
  8. tdf#161190 LibreOffice Calc crashes if you export a spreadsheet as PDF with “whole sheet export” option enabled. ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  9. tdf#61444 Text layout broken across formatting changes (color, underline, etc.) ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )

List of crashes fixed

  1. tdf#160855 LibreOffice crashes when Calc cells are selected/copied ( Thanks to Patrick Luby )
  2. tdf#160898 Crash selecting all (Ctrl+A) in a temporarily visible paragraph under a table inside a table ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  3. tdf#160906 Crash when changing formatting (e.g. font) inside Text Box Form Control ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (allotropia) )
  4. tdf#161083 CRASH: closing the document ( Thanks to Miklos Vajna )
  5. tdf#161190 LibreOffice Calc crashes if you export a spreadsheet as PDF with “whole sheet export” option enabled. ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )

List of performance issues fixed

  1. tdf#148616 FILEOPEN PPTX A certain POTX template is slow to open ( Thanks to Aron Budea )
  2. tdf#160056 calc threaded calculation performance issue ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  3. tdf#160897 FILEOPEN: layout loop, freeze in master document linked to subdocument ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  4. tdf#81272 Libreoffice Is Very Slow Rendering Chinese Characters (because of font fallback?) ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )

List of old bugs ( more than 4 years old ) fixed

  1. tdf#105988 Improve help for “Eliminate Points” in section “Edit Points Bar” ( Thanks to Dione Maddern )
  2. tdf#114398 Calc, on reopen, messes up soft newlines pasted from RichText format (comment 5) ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  3. tdf#115357 Enhancement request: Set Start Menu folder under Windows to \LibreOffice\ ( Thanks to kubak )
  4. tdf#124116 Track-changes Hebrew & Arabic punctuation shifted from correct position on regular text ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )
  5. tdf#126573 Add array functions in Calc: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY ( Thanks to Balazs Varga )
  6. tdf#127477 Incomplete description of date & time functions in the help information ( Thanks to Olivier Hallot )
  7. tdf#129097 HELP: Inconsistency between UI item name (“Name Box”) and its naming in help (“Sheet Area box”) ( Thanks to Dione Maddern )
  8. tdf#130024 Many wrong statements in help page for toolbar “Edit Points” ( Thanks to Dione Maddern )
  9. tdf#130838 Calc: “Track changes” mode disables some kinds of functionality; documentation on that missing ( Thanks to Dione Maddern )
  10. tdf#131098 OOXML .docx Image Fill Not Imported ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  11. tdf#44293 FORMATTING: Format ordinal number suffixes (1st -> 1^st) doesn’t work in Portuguese ( Thanks to László Németh )
  12. tdf#49885 sync custom breakiterator rules with icu originals ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )
  13. tdf#58038 FORMATTING: can’t format characters in text boxes or shapes *inside* charts (as created with the Drawing toolbar) ( Thanks to Balazs Varga )
  14. tdf#61444 Text layout broken across formatting changes (color, underline, etc.) ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )
  15. tdf#63374 calc gives no visual clue about enter/edit cell mode ( Thanks to Shail Gautum )
  16. tdf#69192 SLIDESHOW: add command line switch to start at arbitrary slide number ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  17. tdf#72511 Comment note on a DOC from MS Word for Mac 2008 appears wrongly on Writer ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  18. tdf#81272 Libreoffice Is Very Slow Rendering Chinese Characters (because of font fallback?) ( Thanks to Jonathan Clark )
  19. tdf#84507 FORMATING: Text does not fit to contour in rotated polygon or bézier curve ( Thanks to Regina Henschel )
  20. tdf#96671 Correctly detect windows 64-bit OS ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )


44 bugs have been retested by 20 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 11 )
  2. Buovjaga ( 7 )
  3. Steve271 ( 3 )
  4. Dieter ( 3 )
  5. m_a_riosv ( 3 )
  6. Julien Nabet ( 2 )
  7. Michael Weghorn ( 2 )
  8. Rafael Lima ( 2 )
  9. Olivier Hallot ( 1 )
  10. Dione Maddern ( 1 )


128 bugs have been duplicated by 23 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 71 )
  2. Heiko Tietze ( 11 )
  3. V Stuart Foote ( 7 )
  4. m_a_riosv ( 5 )
  5. Hossein ( 4 )
  6. Regina Henschel ( 3 )
  7. Mike Kaganski ( 3 )
  8. Buovjaga ( 3 )
  9. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 3 )
  10. Michael Weghorn ( 3 )

Verified bug fixes

39 bugs have been verified by 10 people.

Top 10 Verifiers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 24 )
  2. steve ( 4 )
  3. Buovjaga ( 3 )
  4. Timur ( 2 )
  5. Hossein ( 1 )
  6. Robert Großkopf ( 1 )
  7. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) ( 1 )
  8. V Stuart Foote ( 1 )
  9. Gerald Pfeifer ( 1 )
  10. Julien Nabet ( 1 )

Categorized Bugs

427 bugs have been categorized with a metabug by 32 people.

Top 10 Categorizers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 130 )
  2. BogdanB ( 84 )
  3. Hossein ( 53 )
  4. Eyal Rozenberg ( 28 )
  5. Heiko Tietze ( 22 )
  6. Dieter ( 17 )
  7. V Stuart Foote ( 14 )
  8. Aron Budea ( 10 )
  9. László Németh ( 9 )
  10. Roman Kuznetsov ( 7 )

Regression Bugs

65 bugs have been set as regressions by 14 people.

Top 10

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 20 )
  2. m_a_riosv ( 10 )
  3. ady ( 7 )
  4. Xisco Faulí ( 7 )
  5. Heiko Tietze ( 5 )
  6. Robert Großkopf ( 3 )
  7. raal ( 3 )
  8. Aron Budea ( 2 )
  9. Mike Kaganski ( 2 )
  10. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 2 )

Bisected Bugs

50 bugs have been bisected by 7 people.

Top 10 Bisecters

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 22 )
  2. raal ( 15 )
  3. Xisco Faulí ( 6 )
  4. Buovjaga ( 4 )
  5. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 1 )
  6. Aron Budea ( 1 )
  7. Timur ( 1 )


Evolution of Unconfirmed Bugs

Check the current list of unconfirmed bugs here

Evolution of Open Regressions

Check the current list of open regressions here

Evolution of Open bibisectRequests

Check the current list of open bibisectrequests here

Evolution of Highest Priority Bugs

Check the current list of highest priority bugs here

Evolution of High Priority Bugs

Check the current list of high priority bugs here

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