QA/Dev Report: January 2024

General Activities

  1. LibreOffice 24.2 was released on January, 31
  2. Olivier Hallot (TDF) fixed a duplicate Covariance command in Notebookbar UIs, updated menu item paths in Help pages and updated Help pages for conversion filters and style Spotlight
  3. Rafael Lima added a Color Scheme switcher to Basic IDE, added a “Delete Comment” command to the Navigator context menu, fixed drawing comment triangles in Calc at all zoom levels, made it so the visibility of UI components in the Basic IDE is remembered, made Basic IDE highlight the line where the cursor is positioned, made it possible to open the “Go to Line” dialog from the statusbar in Basic IDE, fixed Calc AutoFilter arrow color in dark mode, made it so line numbering and breakpoint in Basic IDE are on the left even in right-to-left UI and fixed a crash in Dialog Editor. He also improved the ScriptForge Help pages
  4. Stanislav Horacek updated menu paths in Help alongside other cleanups and fixes
  5. Ilmari Lauhakangas (TDF) removed unnecessary images from SVG icon themes, saving nearly 5 MB of space. He also changed the Help CSS to account for a quirk in Safari
  6. Stéphane Guillou (TDF) continued linking Sidebar decks to Help
  7. Alain Romedenne updated ScriptForge Help pages
  8. Dione Maddern did many fixes and updates to Draw dialog Help pages
  9. Gábor Kelemen (allotropia) added accessible descriptions to new Dublin Core metadata boxes, updated Help after removal of FTP protocol support and did code cleanups in the area of code simplification and includes
  10. Laurent Balland did cleanups in the metadata of Impress templates
  11. Miklós Vajna (Collabora) fixed the layout handling of empty paragraphs formatted as superscript in Writer, added support for HTML paste to Writer shape text or Calc cell text edit and continued polishing support for multi-page floating tables in Writer
  12. Jean-Pierre Ledure worked on the ScriptForge library
  13. Gabriel Masei (1&1), Paris Oplopoios, Szymon Kłos, Méven Car, Andras Timar, Attila Szűcs and Áron Budea (Collabora) worked on LOKit used by Collabora Online. Andras also fixed some FreeBSD build issues while Attila fixed hyperlink colouring in certain PPTX files and a textbox vertical alignment inversion issue when saving PPTX files
  14. Henry Castro (Collabora) made the status bar in Calc work as expected with language selection
  15. Eike Rathke (Red Hat) made it so the maximum number of hours that can be entered into a Calc cell with time formatting is now a 32-bit integer instead of 65535
  16. Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora) continued refactoring the EditEngine text editing code
  17. Julien Nabet fixed an issue preventing some position parameters to go beyond 17 mm in Writer, fixed an issue that made ReportBuilder wizards show two different data sources, fixed several crashes and did code cleanups
  18. Andreas Heinisch made it so font, highlight and background colour in toolbar buttons is remembered between sessions, fixed canceling Text Import in Calc locking the document and made it so question mark can be used in autotext shortcuts
  19. László Németh continued polishing support for smart justify found in DOCX files and implemented ODF attribute fo:hyphenate to exclude a portion of text from hyphenation
  20. Xisco Faulí (TDF) fixed a regression with multiline text exported to PDF as one line, added support for viewBox in symbol elements in SVG import and made nearly 20 additions and improvements to automated tests
  21. Michael Stahl (allotropia) continued polishing revamped ODF encryption, fixed a regression preventing editing of index entries in Writer, worked on WASM build, fixed a Writer issue causing objects to disappear after undo followed by Enter due to invisible anchor selection and fixed slowness if Style Inspector visible during PDF export
  22. Mike Kaganski (Collabora) made font substitution more robust, implemented support for inserting Unicode decimal codes via Alt+NumPad on Windows, fixed storing URLs in DOCX files, fixed a Writer formatting error in paragraphs with justified text, fixed PPTX import of graphic placeholder with a custom prompt, made it so Delete and Backspace move the cursor correctly in change tracking mode, fixed floating content controls importing from DOCX as separate paragraphs, improved the debugging experience in Visual Studio, fixed autotext / word completion tooltips not showing up, fixed an issue with saving word completion options, improved the IDE integration build code, got rid of unwanted space between footnote number and following text, when paragraph has hanging indent in imported DOCX files, fixed passing Integer-sized Long argument via script.invoke in BASIC, fixed unwanted interleaving of bookmark starts and ends and fixed updating path to library when it is renamed using Basic Macro Organizer. He also fixed crashes and did code cleanups
  23. Caolán McNamara (Collabora) fixed an issue causing Similarities dialog to not appear in Base, made optimal column width in Calc more robust, fixed an issue with checkboxes under GTK3 not being disabled when settings are locked down from config, fixed an issue with Hyperlink dialog width growing too large with long text in clipboard, improved Calc performance by reducing window content invalidations and enabled Small Caps toolbar button in Impress. He also fixed crashes and many issues found by static analysers and fuzzers
  24. Stephan Bergmann (allotropia) worked on the online update feature and WASM build and fixed an issue preventing certificate manager use. He also did many code cleanups and adapted the code to compiler changes
  25. Noel Grandin (Collabora) optimised opening files on Unixes, fixed an issue causing Paste as RTF to lose character color and paragraph alignment from styles, improved scrolling performance in Calc and made cryptographic signing more robust. He also did many code cleanups
  26. Justin Luth (Collabora) fixed a problem with tracked changes showing in Start Center thumbnail, fixed various cases of context menu not appearing in Writer when right-clicking the last half character, fixed an object z-order issue in DOCX files, fixed loss of number formatting in charts in DOCX import, fixed DOCX export issues causing unwanted overlapping of objects, fixed unwanted offset added to shapes in headers in DOCX import and fixed issues with pie chart import in OOXML files
  27. Michael Weghorn (TDF) worked on bringing native Qt widgets to Qt/KDE UI and fixed accessibility issues in areas such as shortcuts. He also did many updates and cleanups to the LibreOffice Android Viewer code
  28. Balázs Varga (allotropia) fixed an issue with copying master slide style in PPTX documents, made it so the user is taken straight to the Security Options and Warnings dialog after clicking the relevant button in an infobar notification and made accessibility warnings about simulated numbering smarter
  29. Patrick Luby (NeoOffice) fixed many macOS crashes and a hang on iOS during export
  30. Jim Raykowski made Spotlight more elegant by only showing it for styles that are used in the document, fixed a hyperlink editing crash while having Navigator open and made it possible to insert cross references from Navigator by dragging and dropping
  31. Sarper Akdemir (allotropia) continued working on the feature for disabling active content, fixed an issue with background image shifting down in presentation mode in PPTX files and made it so Dublin Core meta data attribute dc:date is added to exported PDF files
  32. Christian Lohmaier (TDF) fixed packaging of Noto fonts on macOS, fixed an issue with Windows build signing, added Armenian language pack and fixed Windows aarch64 cross-build
  33. Regina Henschel fixed an issue with line break missing from RTF clipboard data after copying shape text
  34. Sahil Gautam added a UI label for page preview zoom slider and made Calc cell cursor more accessible for colour blind users
  35. Samuel Mehrbrodt (allotropia) made the removal of meta data more extensive when the option to remove it when saving is active, implemented resizing of Writer comment section, made it so only documents from the current module are shown by default in Recent Documents and fixed an issue with an empty chart title getting unwanted text in imported PPTX files
  36. Thorsten Behrens (allotropia) fixed build issues related to certain libraries, fixed an xpdfimport crash with missing fonts, made MAR-based LibreOffice updater non-experimental and wholesome ODF package encryption the default
  37. Armin Le Grand (allotropia) continued the rework of handling attributes and properties
  38. Oliver Specht (CIB) made it so that upon entering a legacy text fieldmark in Writer, placeholder text gets pre-selected, made sure paper tray settings are respected when importing RTF and DOCX files and made clone formatting switch off lists
  39. Matt K fixed an issue with conditional formatting getting lost when moving Calc sheets around and fixed many crashes
  40. Adam Seskunas added an automated test for moving focus to inserted image in Writer
  41. Arnaud Versini did some code cleanups
  42. Darshan Upadhyay, Jaume Pujantell and Vivek Javiya (Collabora) worked on jsdialog used by Collabora Online. Jaume also made font embedding in DOCX files more robust
  43. Heiko Tietze (TDF) made Template Manager cleaner by hiding useless buttons, made the options in Image compression dialog behave more logically and improved the look of Calc comment indicator
  44. Hossein Nourikhah (TDF) added a minimal Python extension as an example, fixed a JUnit test not running and decreased the maximum number of columns in Calc’s data entry form to prevent performance issues
  45. Skyler Grey (Collabora) added a Calc option to keep edit mode on Enter/Tab, particularly useful for devices with an onscreen keyboard
  46. Gökay Şatır (Collabora) fixed Ignore All not working with LanguageTool spellchecking errors
  47. Omkar Acharekar worked on bringing native Qt widgets to Qt/KDE UI as part of an Outreachy project
  48. Tibor Nagy (allotropia) made Calc support creation of accessible PDFs, fixed many other accessible PDF issues and fixed an issue with table styles in PPTX import
  49. Kurt Nordback fixed an issue with combo chart render order
  50. Marco Cecchetti (Collabora) fixed Calc view invalidation issues
  51. Dennis Francis (Collabora) improved the performance of conditional formatting in Calc
  52. Matthew Kogan fixed an issue with an unwanted space appearing at start of line when field wraps
  53. Kevin Suo made it so Empty and Error entries are shown as non-selected and inactive when hidden by autofilter
  54. Eli Schwartz (Arch Linux) improved the portability of shell scripts
  55. Bayram Çiçek (Collabora) made inactive Calc sheets movable and copyable
  56. Xuan Chen fixed a Java UNO bridge test failure on riscv64 CPU architecture
  57. Winfried Donkers added Excel2021 function XLOOKUP to Calc

Kudos to Ilmari Lauhakangas for helping to elaborate this list.

Reported Bugs

515 bugs, 76 of which are enhancements, have been reported by 297 people.

Top 10 Reporters

  1. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 40 )
  2. Xisco Faulí ( 19 )
  3. Telesto ( 16 )
  4. Mike Kaganski ( 12 )
  5. Tracey ( 10 )
  6. Rafael Lima ( 10 )
  7. Robert Großkopf ( 9 )
  8. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 9 )
  9. Regina Henschel ( 8 )
  10. Justin L ( 8 )

Triaged Bugs

523 bugs have been triaged by 67 people.

Top 10 Triagers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 109 )
  2. Buovjaga ( 80 )
  3. m_a_riosv ( 56 )
  4. Heiko Tietze ( 41 )
  5. Xisco Faulí ( 29 )
  6. Mike Kaganski ( 23 )
  7. Julien Nabet ( 17 )
  8. Rafael Lima ( 14 )
  9. Telesto ( 13 )
  10. V Stuart Foote ( 12 )

Resolution of resolved bugs

456 bugs have been set to RESOLVED.

Check the following sections for more information about bugs resolved as FIXED, WORKSFORME and DUPLICATE.

Fixed Bugs

181 bugs have been fixed by 39 people.

Top 10 Fixers

  1. Mike Kaganski ( 21 )
  2. Rafael Lima ( 13 )
  3. Caolán McNamara ( 9 )
  4. Justin Luth ( 8 )
  5. Michael Stahl ( 8 )
  6. László Németh ( 6 )
  7. Tibor Nagy ( 6 )
  8. Heiko Tietze ( 6 )
  9. Samuel Mehrbrodt ( 5 )
  10. Matt K ( 5 )

List of high severity bugs fixed

  1. tdf#155917 Writer crashes when inserting ODT file containing PDF into table in another ODT doc ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  2. tdf#158965 Find Record: Similarities dialog won’t appear ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  3. tdf#159243 Armenian characters displaying incorrectly (as boxes) on macOS (fonts not packaged properly) ( Thanks to Christian Lohmaier )
  4. tdf#159386 Selecting all in a certain table causes assert in SfxPoolItem::SetWhich with a debug build ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  5. tdf#73678 FORMATTING: Conditional Formatting lost when Click-drag Sheet2 tab to position 1 or adding, then removing an empty sheet ( Thanks to Matt K )

List of crashes fixed

  1. tdf#142806 Freeze/hang/crash when exporting to PDF with style inspector panel active ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  2. tdf#151352 CRASH: closing form while the tip of the day dialog is displayed ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  3. tdf#151752 Calc: Crash after copy and paste all unprotected cells ( Thanks to Matt K )
  4. tdf#155917 Writer crashes when inserting ODT file containing PDF into table in another ODT doc ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  5. tdf#158664 [Linux only] Crash when deleting or adding a slide after presenting with presenter console visible ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (allotropia) )
  6. tdf#158783 editing alphabetical index crashes Writer ( Thanks to Armin Le Grand (allotropia) )
  7. tdf#158937 Crash when pressing cancel in the insert password dialog when recovering a file (swlo!SwDocShell::SetModified+4b) ( Thanks to Matt K )
  8. tdf#159023 Crash in SwTextFrame::MapModelToView(SwTextNode const*, int) const after pasting table and navigating left in footnote ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  9. tdf#159026 Crash at undo: deleting table in footnote with track changes record ON and undo ( Thanks to László Németh )
  10. tdf#159032 crash with smart justify ( Thanks to László Németh )
  11. tdf#159042 crash after changing cell style (if some cells already have direct formatting) ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  12. tdf#159046 In Calc cut and paste block of cells including Math formula causes crash when saving ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  13. tdf#159089 Changing an object color in Draw or Impress crashes LO ( Thanks to Patrick Luby )
  14. tdf#159147 CRASH: Editing hyperlink while navigator is open ( Thanks to Jim Raykowski )
  15. tdf#159171 Calc: crash after Edit->Select->Select Unprotected Cells upon a second time ( Thanks to Matt K )
  16. tdf#159174 CRASH pasting bitmap of empty Calc selection ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  17. tdf#159213 Base crashes when choosing “Help” in relations design, because no help is available (VCL: kf5) ( Thanks to Julien Nabet )
  18. tdf#159247 [CRASH] Dialog editor crashes when inserting control with default options ( Thanks to Rafael Lima )
  19. tdf#159368 Can’t open BASIC editor from Start Center; next action crashes LO (gtk3) ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )

List of performance issues fixed

  1. tdf#159131 Calc v7.5 is laggy when moving a line (row) ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )

List of old bugs ( more than 4 years old ) fixed

  1. tdf#106733 Implement ODF attribute fo:hyphenate to exclude a portion of text from hyphenation ( Thanks to László Németh )
  2. tdf#109272 Wrong cursor position when deleting a selection in Show Changes mode ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  3. tdf#117100 [Bounty] Request for reinstall after successful installation of an extension started by double-clicking an .OXT file in file manager ( Thanks to Justin Luth )
  4. tdf#123870 Calc Not Creating accessible PDF’s (tagged content, tab and reading order) ( Thanks to Tibor Nagy )
  5. tdf#125876 More centralized endnote/footnote settings ( Thanks to Kira Tubo )
  6. tdf#36310 [EDITING]”Insert cross-reference” drag-n-drop mode for navigator ( Thanks to Jim Raykowski )
  7. tdf#38231 Edit field command – data format: Change “31 Dec 1999” to one digit day ( Thanks to Andreas Heinisch )
  8. tdf#42030 UI: Page Preview Bar scaling slider function unclear ( Thanks to Sahil )
  9. tdf#53614 FILEOPEN: Document In Use Dialog appearing after cancelling Text Import dialog ( Thanks to Andreas Heinisch )
  10. tdf#72991 Font, highlight and background color in toolbar buttons is not remembered for next session ( Thanks to Andreas Heinisch )
  11. tdf#73678 FORMATTING: Conditional Formatting lost when Click-drag Sheet2 tab to position 1 or adding, then removing an empty sheet ( Thanks to Matt K )
  12. tdf#73953 UI Writer, enhancement request: Allow adjustment of comment bar width ( Thanks to Samuel Mehrbrodt )
  13. tdf#98321 FILEOPEN: RTF checkbox font type wrong and size too big ( Thanks to Oliver Specht )


60 bugs have been retested by 29 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Buovjaga ( 9 )
  2. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 8 )
  3. m_a_riosv ( 4 )
  4. Rafael Lima ( 3 )
  5. Timur ( 3 )
  6. steve ( 3 )
  7. V Stuart Foote ( 3 )
  8. Julien Nabet ( 3 )
  9. Andreas Heinisch ( 2 )
  10. Telesto ( 2 )


126 bugs have been duplicated by 26 people.

Top 10 testers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 32 )
  2. Buovjaga ( 21 )
  3. Telesto ( 10 )
  4. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 8 )
  5. m_a_riosv ( 8 )
  6. Mike Kaganski ( 6 )
  7. V Stuart Foote ( 6 )
  8. Xisco Faulí ( 5 )
  9. Rafael Lima ( 4 )
  10. Heiko Tietze ( 4 )

Verified bug fixes

66 bugs have been verified by 12 people.

Top 10 Verifiers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 30 )
  2. Gerald Pfeifer ( 7 )
  3. Xisco Faulí ( 7 )
  4. BogdanB ( 6 )
  5. steve ( 5 )
  6. Buovjaga ( 4 )
  7. m_a_riosv ( 2 )
  8. Timur ( 1 )
  9. Eyal Rozenberg ( 1 )
  10. Rafael Lima ( 1 )

Categorized Bugs

313 bugs have been categorized with a metabug by 25 people.

Top 10 Categorizers

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 135 )
  2. Heiko Tietze ( 32 )
  3. BogdanB ( 24 )
  4. Aron Budea ( 21 )
  5. V Stuart Foote ( 12 )
  6. Dieter ( 12 )
  7. Eyal Rozenberg ( 12 )
  8. Buovjaga ( 10 )
  9. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 10 )
  10. László Németh ( 8 )

Regression Bugs

86 bugs have been set as regressions by 18 people.

Top 10

  1. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 22 )
  2. Xisco Faulí ( 18 )
  3. Buovjaga ( 9 )
  4. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 9 )
  5. Robert Großkopf ( 5 )
  6. m_a_riosv ( 5 )
  7. Telesto ( 4 )
  8. raal ( 3 )
  9. Mike Kaganski ( 2 )
  10. Piotr ( 1 )

Bisected Bugs

60 bugs have been bisected by 9 people.

Top 10 Bisecters

  1. Xisco Faulí ( 18 )
  2. Stéphane Guillou (stragu) ( 13 )
  3. raal ( 10 )
  4. Gabor Kelemen (allotropia) ( 8 )
  5. Buovjaga ( 7 )
  6. Piotr ( 1 )
  7. Mike Kaganski ( 1 )
  8. Michael Weghorn ( 1 )
  9. Telesto ( 1 )


Evolution of Unconfirmed Bugs

Check the current list of unconfirmed bugs here

Evolution of Open Regressions

Check the current list of open regressions here

Evolution of Open bibisectRequests

Check the current list of open bibisectrequests here

Evolution of Highest Priority Bugs

Check the current list of highest priority bugs here

Evolution of High Priority Bugs

Check the current list of high priority bugs here

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